Conferences Attended

AAS Meeting, Anchorage, 10-14 June, 2012
DDA Meeting, Mt. Hood, 7-10 May, 2012
Global Properties of HI in Galaxies, Green Bank, 1-3 April, 2012
First Galaxies and Faint Dwarfs, KITP, UCSB, 13-17 February, 2012
Evidential Reasoning in Cosmology, London, Ontario, 6-7 May 2011
Division on Dynamical Astronomy, Austin, 10-14 April 2011
The Standard Model of the Universe: Theory and Observations, Paris, 22 - 24 July 2010
Modifed Gravity Approaches to the Dark Sector, Strasbourg, 28 June - 1 July 2010
Advances in Theoretical and Observational Cosmology, Maryland, 26-28 May 2010
Hunting for the Dark: The Hidden Side of Galaxy Formation, Malta, 19-23 October 2009
Assembly, Gas Content and Star Formation History of Galaxies, Charlottesville, Virginia, 21-24 September, 2009
Extreme Star Formation in Dwarf Galaxies, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 27-29 July 2009
Unveiling the Mass - Extracting and Interpreting Galaxy Masses, Kingston, Ontario, 15-19 June 2009
Tests of Gravity and Gravitational Physics, Cleveland, Ohio, 19-21 May 2009
Division on Dynamical Astronomy, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 2-5 May 2009
Shedding Light on Dark Matter, University of Maryland, 2-4 April 2009
Detecting Dark Matter in the Milky Way, Case Western Reserve University, 12-14 March 2009
Division on Dynamical Astronomy, Boulder, 28 April - 1 May 2008
The Globular Clusters - Dwarf Galaxies Connection, Ann Arbor, 27-29 August 2007
Dark Galaxies & Lost Baryons, Cardiff, 25-29 June 2007
Astrophysical Probes of the Nature of Dark Matter, UC Irvine, 22-24 March 2007
Applications Of Gravitational Lensing: Unique Insights Into Galaxy Formation And Evolution, Santa Barbara, California, 3-6 Oct 2006
Galaxies in the Cosmic Web, Las Cruces, New Mexico, 15-19 May 2006
Alternative Gravities Workshop, Edinburgh, 20-22 April 2006
Dark Matter in the Universe, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1-2 October 2005
Mass Profiles and Shapes of Cosmic Structures, IAP, Paris, 4 - 9 July 2005
The Formation of Disk Galaxies, Ascona, Switzerland, 27 June - 1 July, 2005
Galaxy Formation Workshop, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, June 2003
Predictions of Cold Dark Matter models on small scales: current and future tests, Chicago, 31 July - 2 August, 2002
Galaxies: Mind Over Matter Carnegie Institution of Washington, 10 - 11 January 2002
Galaxies and the Dark Matter Problem IAS, 31 May - 2 June 2001
The Shapes of Galaxies and their Halos, Yale, 28 - 30 May 2001
The Mass of Galaxies at Low and High Redshift Venice, 24-26 October 2001
The Higgs as a Supersymmetric Partner, with a New Interpretation of Yukawa Couplings OSU, August 2000
Galaxy Formation and Evolution Santa Barbara, 14-17 March 2000

This list is far from complete. Not all conferences have web sites (especially in the previous millenium), no links last forever, and I haven't systematically kept track of them.