When I started this page, I envisioned using it as the basis for my outreach program. Instead, I find that I make occasion specific presentations. These are unique and not always web-friendly. So this page has stagnated. Do check the Astronomical Image page for further nifty pictures.

Professor McGaugh with the 2nd grade class of Mrs. Siegel at Coventry Elementary, Oct. 2005

Links to nifty astronomy movies

Interacting Galaxies

Comet SL9

This is a small collection of fun, interesting, and educational movies I have cobbled together from a variety of sources. I can't thank (or even identify) all sources, but special thanks go to Chirs Mihos (interacting galaxies) and Derek Richardson (comets).

Nifty pictures from my own research:

Pictures taken at Kitt Peak.

HST pictures of the giant low surface brightness galaxy UGC 6614:

Some close-ups from the V-band image:
Many galaxies are seen in the background above the difuse spiral arm:

Indeed, many background galaxies are seen right through the spiral arms: this galaxy is optically thin!

The many small, discrete sources are open clusters and associations of hot young stars.

There are nifty high redshift galaxies all over the place:

From the Ultra Low Surface Brightness Galaxy Survey:
A typical (1 degree square) field:

10 ULSBG galaxies found in one of the 100 fields:

The ULSB galaxies are right at the centers of the boxes, which are 2 arcminutes on a side.
These 10 boxes represent just 1% of the area of the field above.