Academic Institutions where I've worked

Maryland Astronomy (1998 - )

Rutgers Physics & Astronomy (1997-1998) Research Fellow (postdoc)

The Department of Terrestrial Magnetism of the Carnegie Institution of Washington (1995-1997; 1998) Carnegie Fellow (postdoc)
Directions to DTM

Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge (1992-1995) Research Associate (postdoc)

Groningen (frequent visitor, 1991 - 1995)

Michigan Astronomy (1987-1992) Ph.D. Astronomy 1992

Princeton Physics (1985-1986)

MIT Physics (1981-1985) S.B. Physics 1985
and Center for Space Research

Flint Northern High School (1978-1981) Valedictorian
Distinguished Fellow, Flint Northern Alumni Association.
(I was accorded this honor in 2001, making me the youngest Fellow ever.)

Before this I was of course an unformed blob.

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