BIMA calibration requirements for AIPS++

AIPS++ User Specification Memo nr. xxx

(Peter Teuben, University of Maryland)

Abstract: This memo reviews BIMA calibration requirements for AIPS++,


BIMA software development has concentrated on both the offline and online software. The off-line software consists mainly of the MIRIAD package (Sault et al. 1995), and is used by both BIMA and the ATNF. A number of spin-offs (WIP, mxv) have also been produced by the consortium. The X-windows based mxv data-cube vizualizer is currently rewritten and available (in beta release) as aipsview from the Illinois group. WIP is still maintained and available from the Maryland group. The online software is mainly developed by the Berkeley group (with some Maryland contributions, see also Hoffman et al. 1996). Although it crucially depends on the MIRIAD libraries for it's user interface and data I/O, it contains a number of system dependant modules (currently running on Solaris 2.5 in a integrated Fortran/C/C++ environment) which making porting a difficult task.

BIMA has recently completed it's 9-element array, including a long-(1 km)-baseline project. Over the next year (effectively) two new elements will be added to the array, polarization will be implemented, and 1-mm receivers may be installed. Some of these developments are described in the BIMA Memoranda Series.

BIMA special interests

Some of the listed items are tightly connected with ongoing hardware development, and depend on it's individual time-line, which are not all known at this time.

MIRIAD/Visibility Data

Most of the functionality in MIRIAD should be available in AIPS++, but we want to highlight a few specific items.


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