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Although designed primarily for studying stellar dynamics, the NEMO10 package contains graphics that can be used to to display and animate the tabular files generated by athena1.0. Some examples are given below (it is assumed that NEMO has been compiled with PGPLOT as the graphics driver). From the athena1.0/bin directory, use the following11:

% astroload nemo
% ../vis/nemo/1d-animate xcol=2 ycol=3           
        # this should show 28 time frames of density vs. position in rapid succession
% tkrun ../vis/nemo/1d-animate
        # this should show sliders for xcol and ycol (2=X-pos, 3=den, 4=M1, ... 11=B1i)
% ../vis/nemo/1d-pt-map
        # this will have produced a FITS file map-3.fits
% astroload ds9
% ds9 &
% mirds9 map-3.fits
        # the X axis (position) is 800 pixels, and the Y axis (time), so not very impressive

In addition, there are many other packages that can be used to plot the tabular files, (e.g. gnuplot, mongo, sm, etc.).