2010 National Collegiate Championships Registration

Each player will:
  1. fill out the form below, before midnight, March 15 (we extended the deadline by a few days)
  2. send in payment (due March 16)
  3. send in Enrollment Verification form (due March 16)
  4. send in consent form (due March 16)
Each team captain needs to submit a team+ranking outline via email.
Player information:
First name: Last name: Male Female

Address: City: State: ZIP:

Telephone: (day) (eve) (cell)

Email: (you will receive confirmation and updates)

Age (as of 3/19/2010) Birthday: (please use the DD/MM/YYYY format)

T-shirt size: S M L XL XXL (not sure if we have XXL)

College/Club: (use one word/acronym please) Coach/Team Captain name:
USAB number : (your club or individual; a 3,4 or 6 digit number)

Player entries:
You can enter in up to 3 events :
($30 first, $20 each additional event, plus USAB fees if you're not a member)
Select an event (up to 3) Select a partner
or use REQ to request one
or use TBA to decide later
Event 1. NONE MS WS A
Event 2. NONE MD WD Partner: A
Event 3. NONE XD Partner: A
BANQUET: NO YES banquet adds $15 to you dues

Comments/Recent tournament results etc.:

To register, press this button: , to clear this form: .

NOTE: You still need to send the consent form, as well as your Enrollment Verification and payment, to arrive before March 16, 2010 to:

Christina Bohr 6901 Preinkert Dr, Apt. 6403C College Park, MD 20740
Any checks should be made out to University of Maryland Badminton Club. You can also use paypal, but add $1/event since they charge us for this luxury. Use teuben@wam.umd.edu as paypal recipient.

The following players have registered so far.