Results 1996 U.S. Senior National Badminton Championships

Here are the final results and 61 complete draws of the 1996 U.S. Senior National Badminton Championships, held in the North Gym at the University of Maryland, March 20-24, 1996.

Junior Senior (35+)

Senior I (40+)

Senior II (45+)

Master I (50+)

Master II (55+)

Grand Master I (60+)

Grand Master II (65+)

Golden Master I (70+)

Golden Master II (75+)

Exhibition Match

Note: The draws are all (encapsulated) postscript files, generated by a howebrewn C-program that uses the plplot graphics package (available upon request). A simple ascii format for draws and round robin is used to generate the plots. (27-mar-96)