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Some Data:

  1. sza0: first SZA dataset in miriad format (22-oct-2008) (map)

My Documents:

  1. 23-may-2002: MIRIAD visibility data: pdf.
  2. 5-jun-2002: Data comparison table: ps
  3. 6-jun-2002: discussion on UV dataformats
  4. 24-sep-2003: S.E. Design
  5. 27-jan-2004: Infrastructure needs and CARMA Developers Tutorial
  6. 2-feb-2005: PDR for the Weather Station
  7. 2-may-2005: CDR for Auxilliary Services
  8. 6-may-2005: CDR for the Weather Station
  9. 1-dec-2007: (but frequently updated for version 2 now) Carma CookBook draft (also cointains new uvvars table)
  10. 1-oct-2008: UV Variables Table ( -- but see also CARMA cookbook
  11. 2-oct-2008: HEMOSI (HEterogeneous MOsaicing SImulations, using python) [DRAFT]
  12. may-2009: CARMA cookbook in html format (working draft in progress for summerschool)
  13. sep-2009: pipeline we used for PACS, but applicable to any project that wants to streamline their (MIRIAD) scripts on many datasets/projects.
  14. oct-2009: miriad poster/roundtable discussion, to be presented at the CARMA Science Symposium Oct 19/20, 2009. ==DRAFT==
  15. velfie: some notes on velocity fields, masking, miriad, nemo etc.
  16. mar-2012: the MIS pipeline we use for the N1333 project and c0924 key project CLASSy