ALMA Solar System Objects

CASA distributes brightness temperature models for 14 different solar system objects as function of frequency, all of which cover the carma 1cm, 3mm and 1mm bands quite nicely. Some of them are represented by a constant brightness temperature. For Mars sophisticated time dependant (but periodic) models have been computed on 1hr intervals (aka marstb3). The Mars plot below merely shows this by the error bars what a typical sigma would be of this variation.

The left side of the plot is an autoscaled version of all frequencies (in GHz) and Brightness Temperatures, with a green band denoting the 20-280GHz range that CARMA can observe. The right side of the plot is always scaled from 20-280 GHz in freq and 0-360K in brightness.

For plots with a solid line, the blue line is the ALMA model, the green line is the current CARMA (usually taken from our BIMA models) model.

  1. Callisto:
  2. Ceres: constant at 185K.
  3. Europa:
  4. Ganymede:
  5. Io
  6. Juno: constant at 153K.
  7. Jupiter:
  8. Mars: (error bars denote periodic time dependance)
  9. Neptune:
  10. Pallas: constant at 189K
  11. Titan:
  12. Uranus:
  13. Venus: this is one hot planet!
  14. Vesta: constant at 155K.