CARMA weather station(s)

The weather system of CARMA consist of two instruments. The Dew Point Hygrothermometer (Technical Services Laboratory), which we refer to as the DPS, only measures ambient and dewpoint temperatures. The CRX10 datalogger from Campbell Scientific, referred to as WS, consists of a UT3 tower with a HMP35 thermometer and RH probe, a PTB101B barometer, a 05103 RM wind monitor and rain gauge, and measures a slew of weather parameters.

The CDR for the Weather Station is to be discussed on May 6, 2005 during the R3 integration week.


Here's a picture of the WS and DPS. There are lots more pictures available.


  1. run1 a 7 hour stretch of comparing Ta,Td,RH from WS and DPS. (april 21)
  2. run2 more comparisons from WS and DPS may 5 and later.
  3. run3 more comparisons from WS and DPS may 9 and later with the new weather monitor points activated.
  4. comparison April 18/20 2006. At Cedar Flat.
  5. longer comparison April 2006.


  1. NOAA's Geostationary Satellite Server
  2. Mauna Kea Weather Center