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Joe Harrington (jh@tecate.gsfc.nasa.gov)
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The message Will Deich replied to didn't actually make it to the
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I'd suggest a more work-oriented meeting. Why spend 30 minutes
discussing the resolution if we wouldn't be at the BoF if we didn't
agree with it? We can pass the resolution in the first 5 minutes and
spend the remaining 85 profitably discussing what we want these
systems to do for the end user (not just the programmers). The
important thing is what the users see and want, and the shift in
analysis software paradigm from monolithic to toolbox-like
interactions. The committee will need specific feedback from the user
community before they go into their year of discussion. Why the
concentration on interoperability when the main-line packages are
stuck in the mud operating only with themselves? I submit that the
sum of a dozen messes is still a mess. Interoperability and standards
are important, but they are neither the full story nor the first part
of it. How they develop must be set by the needs of the community and
not by what makes for the prettiest-looking software from a
programmer's point of view.

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