draft resolution/agenda

Jan Noordam (jnoordam@aoc.nrao.edu)
Thu, 19 Oct 1995 20:53:59 +0100


We would like to thank Jim Coggins for his detailed contribution to the discussion about the proposed resolution and the mandate. We hope that he is not the only one with ideas on this matter.

We, the BoF organisers, are listening carefully, and plan to talk face-to-face with various people at ADASS before distributing a `final' proposal for the BoF agenda and the draft resolution and mandate on tuesday or wednesday.

So if anyone else on the FADS mailer has other suggestions or comments, we urge you to do so soon, because people will start travelling to Tucson and will not read their Email for some time. Especially the Europeans will switch off soon (they have been very silent; we assume that they will be less reticent at the BoF itself).

Jan Noordam Will Deich

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