FADS BOF agenda

Jan Noordam (jnoordam@nfra.nl)
Thu, 19 Sep 1996 16:01:27 +0200


Loyal FADS subscriber,

Thank you for subscribing to the Email exploder for FADS-II. There are no less than 65 of you. Nevertheless, the silence has been deafening, unlike the very lively discussion we had last year before FADS-I. Obviously, we as organisers must partly blame ourselves for that: we probably started too late, and we neglected to field a stimulating initial proposition. A good lesson for FADS-III next year, if there is one...

In the meantime, we have a bit of a problem. We had counted on the Email discussion to identify key subjects to be discussed at the BOF session itself, and speakers to give short introductions. We will now have to do this at ADASS itself, and we hope that some of you will yet contribute to this process. Please contact me there if you have a suggestion (unfortunately, Will Deich cannot come to ADASS this year).

As a placeholder, here is a tentative agenda:

-) Joe Harrington has asked to present one viewgraph concerning Interactive Environments. He feels that this could provide inputs to FADS. (10 min).

-) Re-examination of the `Gaming Table' concept and the tentative scenario for evolution towards it (see report on FADS-I in last year's Proceedings). Picking a specific subject like this is needed to keep the discussion focussed. We might start out with invited comments by selected pundits (20 min), followed by open debate (30 min).

-) The function of the FADS BOF. This could range from `no function' via `promoting awareness of what others are thinking and/or doing' to `making specific proposals for community action'. The debate should provide us with pointers for a possible FADS-III next year (20 min).

-) ....

See you all at ADASS, Jan Noordam

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