B.O.P. pictures

3 active machines, all the cables allowed
Here's BOP after the 1st upgrade. The first installment consisted of two machines, one Pii-400 and one Pii-333. The first upgrade consisted of three dual Pii-400s, bringing the total up to 3.13GHz. This is in Peter's office where it began to get kind of hot in the summer of 1999.

July 6, 1999: three more dual 450's arrived, bringing the effective clockrate up to 5.83GHz. We now have 8 boxes, with a total of 14 CPUs and about 50MB of (distributed) diskspace. It would not fit in Peter's office, so we got a special rack, and placed it in a specially cooled high security area. Mark is mighty proud, and Peter is very happy in his new roomy office.

8 machines: note the cable management