Fedora3 oddities, the good and the bad and the ugly

FC3 came out on November 2004, and comes with a 2.6.9 kernel, Gnome 2.6 and KDE 3.x. A number of bugs/complaints i had noticed in FC1 and FC2 have been fixed now!!!

Some links

Some notes:

  - i've got this bad disk I/O problem again, but as long as a CD is
    inserted, it's somewhat within bounds (but still erratic).

    Someone else with the same hardware (i blame it on hda=disk and hdb=cd)
    doesn't seem to have this problem. Could it be a master/slave mis

    The solution was to turn off that new HAL deamon:
	/etc/init.d/haldaemon  stop
    or more permanent via 
	chkconfig haldaemon off

    The magicdev-type problem still remains, but this is the biggest slowdown
    in the speed. If you turn off automounting etc. for the CD, the speed is
    back up to peak.

-   if you want to share accounts, best is to make a new account, change the UID
    to match that of the old account, and have the correct order in the /etc/passwd
    file as not to upset X (it seems to look at the ownership by name for who can own
    the console).

-   Did not try much, but ACPI doesn't seem to suspend the machine properly.
    By adding   "acpi=off"  to the grub boot, i now have APM instead of ACPI, and
    that seems to work a lot better.
Some background material to hald: Making Hardware Just Work.

See also bugzilla for a trail of this problem.

the obvious

  1. X windows based installation went flawless again, though at the end it comes in 800x600 and you need to manually set it to 1600x1200 resolution.
  2. I didn't let do a grub install, but in my other (rh9) boot copied over the files from /boot and changed the grub file there. The side-effect of this was that the first boot failed because fsck would fail because the new / in fc3 has features the 'old' fsck doesn't know about.... So, you have to edit /etc/fstab in single user boot and reboot.

the good

(or perhaps where i was surprised it worked)
  1. moongroup.

the bad

  1. still no mp3 support

the ugly

  1. huh, no more pine? (mutt is still supported)

no mplayer? 
no xine?      - see http://rpm.livna.org/  for a list of removed and why

URLs to visit:

some other i8200 user:  www.isrec.isb-sib.ch/~agrosdid/fedora_dell.html

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