Fedora4 oddities, the good and the bad and the ugly

FC4 came out on June 2005, and came with a 2.6.11 kernel, Gnome 2.10 and KDE 3.x.

Some old links

Some notes:

  - upgraded an FC3 thinkpad laptop, nothing really broke, the acpi
    suspend now even works without a grub.conf patch 

  - on the dell8200 (laptop)

    - suspend didn't work like it did on the thinkpad, well it sort of,
      closing the lid does the job, but upon wakeup the touchpad does not
      work anymore (i use a USB mouse most of the time, but the TP is
      still very useful)

    - networking was weird, it didn't set a default route on dhcp
      eth0 (wire).. basically during the cloning of the 
      networking setup i changed the fixed IP to dhcp, so the ifcfg
      file contained both


     which must have confused the routing setup....

    - disk I/O is ok, unlike it was in FC3 (it needed the workaround)

    - firewire is BAD, very slow, 20 kB/sec !!! Neither kernel seem 
      to work well. Another disk is ok, giving me nearly 30MB/sec, but
      the little device in question is horrible. Oddly enough that 
      same device gives 9MB/sec (still a bit slow) on another rh9

    - the eternal fights of loosing applications one gets used to.
	no more xv, so i got used to gqview, also now gone
	no more gv, it's called evince now. quite a lousy and slow

    - alps touchpad stops working after suspend, seems to be a known

Some background material to hald: Making Hardware Just Work.

See also bugzilla for a trail of this problem.

the obvious

the good

(or perhaps where i was surprised it worked)
  1. moongroup.

the bad

  1. still no mp3 support

the ugly

no mplayer? 
no xine?      - see http://rpm.livna.org/  for a list of removed and why

URLs to visit:

some other i8200 user:  www.isrec.isb-sib.ch/~agrosdid/fedora_dell.html

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