Fedora5 oddities, the good and the bad and the ugly

FC4 came out in March 2005, and came with a 2.6.15 kernel, a brand new Gnome 2.14 and KDE 3.x.

Some updated and old links for FC5

Some notes:

  - i have not yet upgraded the Dell 8200 laptop from fc4 to fc5, it was
    travelling, hence a desktop got the first view....
    pretty much everything worked.

  - i made a mistake in telling the machine i had an nvidia card.... well,
    it's an ati card, and i'm still struggling to recover from this.
	/etx/X11/xorg.conf			<-- remove an nvidia path
	/etc/modprobe.conf.d/			<-- remove the nvidia file
	/etc/ld.so.conf.d/			<-- remove the nvidia file
	chkconfig nvidia-glx off		<-- run this program

Some background material to hald: Making Hardware Just Work.

See also bugzilla for a trail of this problem.

the obvious

the good

(or perhaps where i was surprised it worked)
  1. moongroup. -- is no more...

the bad

  1. still no mp3 support

the ugly

no mplayer? 
no xine?      - see http://rpm.livna.org/  for a list of removed and why

URLs to visit:

some other i8200 user:  www.isrec.isb-sib.ch/~agrosdid/fedora_dell.html


- in the middle of active work the screensaver becomes active.....
  - not sure if this is after a suspend (see below)

- closing the lid (despite having set it) doesn't suspend properly
  the "suspend action" does however seem to work

- occasionally the screen goes buts after it has been idle for a while
  ctrl-alt-F1 ctrl-alt-F7 will get it back.

- the old bug whereby firefox would lockup due to a flashplayer bug
  is still present. Restarting firefox doesn't help, but restarting X 
  will work.

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