Fedora6: not for me yet

FC4 came out in late 2006, and came with a 2.6.18) kernel, a brand new Gnome 2.x and KDE 3.x. The upshot however was: it's not for me. Upon coming out of suspend, on the laptop, the X server crashes and that makes my life just too painful.
Some notes:
  - i'm back to this old /dev/hdb polling issue,now via the
    hald-addon-storage on /dev/hdb. If i kill it, hdparm on
    hda is ok again, but otherwise it sucks big time and the
    performance on the machine is horrible.
    The solution is to do
	killall hald-addon-storage
    which polls /dev/hdb all the time.   There is a bugzilla
    on this issue.

  - odd: sometimes (i've seen this in FC5 too) the screen doesn't come
    back, and the machine *SEEMS* locked up. Solution:
	ctrl-alt-F2 to a console, and then ctrl-alt-F7 back to X

  - hmm, the community seems a bit slow here and there to adopt to FC6
    I tried the following:
    1) enable the Livna.org repo
	rpm -ivh http://rpm.livna.org/livna-release-6.rpm

      wow, it just hung and then segfaulted once.... not a good sign. O wait,
      this was because my X server crashed upon resume from suspend, and it locked
      the rpm updater..... confusing. rpm should check for a lock and report.

      After a reboot, this was working right away.

    2) Install the nvidia driver stuff:

	yum install kmod-nvidia

	nvidia-config-display enable

      And restart X (i had to reboot, since nvidia was installed in 2868, and i was
      still running kernel # 2849).   

 - and then came the sad realization that coming out of suspend would crash the
   X server. I have tried with nvidia and without, tried not being in X, but a
   virtual console, and 'echo mem > /sys/power/state' but nothing worked.

   There is a bugzilla on this:

   So, it's back to FC5 for me!

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