Fedora9 oddities, the good and the bad and the ugly

FC9 came out in ...

Some updated and old links for FC9

my Packages

After selecting development and webserver and making sure mysql is selected, you get around 1500 packages. But I invariably go through a few days of contortions adding packages where some of the more esoteric (I guess) tools are hidden that I need:
  tcsh      (i'm in old-timer, still not using bash)
  emacs     (why this is not a default....)
  tkcvs     (tkdiff is in here)
  acpitool  (want to keep track of my battery)

Some background material to hald: Making Hardware Just Work.

See also bugzilla for a trail of this problem.

the obvious

the good

(or perhaps where i was surprised it worked)
  1. moongroup. -- is no more...

the bad

  1. some of the desktop luanchers that worked in FC7 don't work anymore. I noted the same when going from FC9 to 10.
  2. sound not 100% reliable. firefox tends to lock up the sound card.

the ugly

no mplayer? 
no xine?      - see http://rpm.livna.org/  for a list of removed and why

URLs to visit:

some other i8200 user:  www.isrec.isb-sib.ch/~agrosdid/fedora_dell.html


- in the middle of active work the screensaver becomes active.....
  - not sure if this is after a suspend (see below)

- closing the lid (despite having set it) doesn't suspend properly
  the "suspend action" does however seem to work

- occasionally the screen goes buts after it has been idle for a while
  ctrl-alt-F1 ctrl-alt-F7 will get it back.

- the old bug whereby firefox would lockup due to a flashplayer bug
  is still present. Restarting firefox doesn't help, but restarting X 
  will work.

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