Linux on Laptops

Back in the days I used to claim a laptop is of little use with having a machine at work and at home. I mean, why bother having another keyboard when you are travelling. Once I got a loaner laptop (a Gateway-2000 colorbook) in the summer of 1996 on a trip to Amsterdam, i was converted. Later that year, (December 16, 1996, to be precise) I obtained a second hand AST J30 laptop. Recently (3 July 1998) I ``upgraded'' to an AST M-5160X laptop. Hardly a year later, I exchanged that for a nice Micron Trek-2 Pii-333 machine (basically, i wanted to run 16 bit color), which has just been replaced by a Dell-5000, with this amazing 1400x1050 15" screen (recently Dell upgraded this model to a 1600x1200 display :-)

Apart from those machines, I've gained some more experience by helping some friends getting linux going on their machines. I've listed those machines too in the list below. I have limited access and memory about the others, but you can always ask me.


Experience is a big word, but i've had my hands on the following machines, one way or another, and maintain some local pages about them. So, in rough chronological order, we have: Please note that I do not have any access to the machines with just one or closing dates, and limited access to those of my friends/collegues.
As a result of this, i'm beginning to assemble my personal pet peeves on laptops, and thus presenting my ideal laptop (a moving target of course)
Here's my list of working PCMCIA ether/modem cards:

Some hardware/Software references

General laptop references

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