Blocking Browser

It can sometimes take months on a new machine before you run into a problem you've not seen before, partially because one doesn't always test out each and every individual component of the system.

In addition, I am running Fedora Core 4, and constantly updating the system. So that doesn't help pin pointing when the problem started....


  1. websites like slashdot, newsforge, cnn, intellicast would just hang my browser. I would have to kill it to get back to browsing.
  2. simple websites work fine. after some experimenting it turned out the existence of a flashplayer plugin would hang the browser.
  3. this URL: turned out to be a good test URL to hang my browser.
  4. removed the flashplayer (of course) solved the problem
  5. updating to a slightly newer version (flashplayer 7) did not solve the problem
  6. xmms would also hang at this time -> soundcard problems?
  7. gaim would also show many many spawned/cloned instances. also, gaim would not reliably beep me anymore, which it normally does. More indications it was the soundcard.
  8. i would also use skype, which may lock the soundcard in odd ways. Also i had noticed that the microphhone would not work after a suspend, but this time i was working on a rebooted system, so recording worked.

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