Installing Linux Fedora Core 5 on a Sony Vaio SZ160

Lee got this May 2006 (not quite 100% after his wishes)
FC5 notes from a quick may 4 install:
  - installed mostly fine, but:
    - wired (sky2 module) did not initiate the Marvell card....
    - wireless will need the IPW3945 drivers installed, which is a multistep process
        - binary microcode, went ok (installed in /lib/firmware)
        - regulatory daemon, went ok (installed in /sbin)
        - ieee80211 subsystem; there is one in the kernel, but it had problems
          compile the ipw3945, so i installed this one too. It wipes out your
          kernel (/lib/modules/....) stuff, and replaces it. seemed to go ok.
        - ipw3945 drivers, there was an error message and two missing references
          the "./load debug=0" command then failed.... so , we're stuck now.

  alas, there are some FC5 packages on atrpms...

running FC5


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