Linux on a Toshiba Tecra 740 Laptop

Some comments on installing Linux on a Tecra 740, from the ground up. When you get the machine, you are steered through a menu to prepare your machine for Windows 95 (Windows 3.1, one of your choice). This description should eventually wind up in the official official Tecra Laptop Page, maintained by Jens Maurer (I also keep a local copy, but that may be out of date). See also Chris Wilson's Tecra page (I also keep a local copy, but that may again be out of date).

First a summary of the specs and my basic conclusions (in which I have also merged comments from the people acknowledged at the bottom)

Slackware96 (3.2)

Standard installation, no problems to report yet, apart from generic slackware 3.2 problems that I know about (e.g. bash, lprTNG)

Potential Problems

Perhaps not everybody will agree here, or has different experiences, but these are some of the "features" I'm less impressed with:

Bizarre Problems

Here is a list of bizarre occurences I had on the machine. Some of them really don't have a reasonable explanation yet, although one can always suspect the bad disk cache/bad memory problem I may have on this machine.

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See also Jonathan Buzzard's Toshiba Utilities Page

July 1, 1999, Toshiba opened op the Linux support for Toshiba PC page.


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