Linux on a Thinkpad 1472 Laptop

Not much to say, it worked like a charm out of the box. Specs: Pii-366, 256k L2, 64M, 6.2GB (comes in 2 GB FAT16, and an otherwise empty 4GB FAT32 in an extended 2/5 partition). The IBM C:/D: partition scheme is brilliant, just boot from any linux (we used Redhat 6.2) CDROM, and use fdisk to wipe #2, we put 128M swap on 2, 1GB on 3 (for /) and 3GB on 4 (for /home). The CDROM is actually a 2x DVD-ROM.

The only problem is that we didn't spend much time on the video, so in 8 bit mode vga, svga and xga work fine, in 16 bit only vga and xga came up, and nothing in 32 bit came up. Some fine tuning may be appropriate here.

One other minor problem, redhat 6.0 did not automatically detect that it should activate PCMCIA. We had to manually edit the /etc/sysconfig/pcmcia file. I've heard this before on thinkpads...

Did not try sound yet, but should not be too hard. Some reports earlier models need OSS.

Last updated: 24-jul-99

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