Ubuntu 12.04 oddities, the good and the bad and the ugly

Ubuntu 12.04LTS came out in April 2012, of course. I decided to run this on my Thinkpad T61p, upgrading a somewhat lousy Ubuntu 10.04.

The good

the bad

the ugly

  1. compiz is taking a lot of memory and cpu sometimes, also hot corners keeps disappearing and appearing seemingly at will. The command
    compiz replace
    doesn't seem to work well, it will e.g. put all my Terminal's back on 1st desktop.
  2. unity has a lot of quirkcy problems, perhaps triggered by my fast fingers (sometimes those trigger a screendump). Sometimes i can loose my emacs window, can't seem to maximize it. a trick is to open another one, and using Super-W you can then see both of them. But before none is visible.
  3. at one instance, all my icons from the desktop have disappeared.

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