Here are some incomplete notes on campus VPN

Status:  note it's not working for me yet
Version  13-jan-2002    (Peter Teuben,

0) All information (URL etc.) should be double checked with the NOC/VPN
   website, currently in beta at
   which should redirect you to

   Addition VPN info for linux at:

1) get the tar ball, currently at
   but also get the PDF documentation, currently at
   and read them :-)

2) untar it, cd to COMPvpn and install it:
   Most answers can be defaulted, except you do need to have kernel
   source installed, so on an RPM based system 
	rpm -qa | grep kernel-source
   should be a match

3) get the root certification file, currently at
   and copy it to the right location
  	cp rootcert.txt /etc/Intraport\ Client/certificates/root/
   (that directory was created by the vpn_install command)

4) edit you vpn_config file

	emacs /etc/vpn_config

   Here's mine, but i don't know if it works yet
[VPN Root Cert]
CertName = rootcert.txt

[VPN User]
UserName = teuben
IPPrimary =
IPEnabled = True
#  LAN =- true, but for wireless make it false !!!
ExcludeLocalLAN = True
ExcludeDHCP = True
#	make this true if you have a NAT address
UseFTCP = False 
FTCPDestinationPort = 80
LoginMethod = Manual

5) start vpn 
	/etc/rc.d/init.d/vpn start

6) open up a connection
	open_tunnel teuben

   after which it quickly says

	Tunnel closing.


   Looking at my kernel logs i see

Jan 12 01:48:48 localhost kernel: VPN: ERROR Unknown ioctl command 0x8b01
Jan 12 01:48:48 localhost /etc/hotplug/net.agent: register event not handled

   but i've been told that is perfectly normal.

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