Miriad on MacOSX on intel -- installation comments

If you get a Mac out of the box, lets face it, it's pretty useless for development. You will need to install a bunch of stuff, some via Apple, some via various opensource projects. Here's my attempt to recall what we did with a MacBook Pro, February 2007, and additional notes for a MacMini, March 2007. Both are intel based, Mac OSX version 10.4, aka Tiger.
  1. Two ways to look at this:
    1. Compilers: you will need the Software Developer Kit (SDK). Grab it from the install disk you got with your mac, it is typically not pre-installed. Or go to Apple's Developer Connnection and fetch the Xcode Developer Tools there, or more directly, go here. Register (is free) or use your existing account. Go to Downloads, find the Developer Tools and get Xcode (Fink claims to use 2.2.1, but we found 2.4.1 from Oct 2006)
    2. X11: Make sure you have X11 installed as well. It is hidden in the the packages folder of the Xtools CD (or image if you downloaded). Or look for Optional Installs. See also MacSingularity for a view. It will place an X11.app in Applications/Utilities. Although Xcode should have installed it, make sure you also have the X11SDK installed (e.g. check /usr/include/X11 for header files)
  2. Another way to look at this: once you load the Install DISK #1, you will see an Xcode Tools folder, click on that, and select XcodeTools.mpkg . It will open a dialog, make sure you enter the Customize option at some point, to make sure you have all the components you need: compilers, X11 SDK, Java DSK etc. This will also give you cvs.
  • Choose Fink and/or DarwinPorts to install your favorite set of tools, but a few we need are: Fortran compiler (g95??), X11 (??). fink will now get you version 0.8.1. Grrrr. this got me nowhere. there is no fortran compiler anymore???? Not even gfortran???
  • DarwinPorts is now called MacPorts, but what is this?
  • hpc also contains some compilers. We took g77 v3.4 from this one, and got Miriad to work with this (g77 w/ the gcc 4.0.1 compiler from Xcode, build 5367)
  • g95 is another fortran compiler you could try.
  • BOA's intelMac tips
  • To prevent frustration with linking: make sure your fortran compiler matches the C compiler properly. When using g77, use a gcc3 compiler (the gcc_select command can be used to switch versions), with gfortran use a gcc4 version. But note gfortran is not quite recommended, as it does not deal well with GIF and PPM drivers. Linking errors typically result in missing saveFP/restFP symbols, and you can get rid of them with some combination of -lcc_dynamic and/or -lSystemStubs, if you know the miriad ($MIR/bin/localsys/compile.darwin) and wip ($MIR/borrow/wip/makewip) places where to edit: last mod: 22-feb-2007 PJT