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This Amaya Pictures Project is an attempt to keep some of my memorable or better shots from all these years in a more permanent place. Some of them have special meaning to me, and as you revisit this site from time to time, some will have disappeared, other (re)appeared to reflect something. Normally all photos in my picture gallery tree are eventually all recycled. I started this project on January 11, 2007 and hope to maintain this for many years to come. I owned quite a few digital cameras, the last "point and shoot" one was the 10x optical zoom Olympus UZ 750, but the next one was a stunning Nikon 70S. I guess you could say she kinda changed my life a bit. I've since then upgraded to a D80 and a year later a D300. Maybe go full frame after this? Yup, spring 2012 saw the D800 come into play.
  1. 2002 haiti (2002) (actually 1999-2002)
  2. 2003 snow, Holland, Kidjo
  3. 2004 seceda, house
  4. 2005 Holland (still the Olympus C750UZ)
  5. 2006 (some 2005's are in here as well) - the year of the D70s, Mexico
  6. 2007 the D80, Holland, Kenya
  7. 2008 alas, a D300 after all, Munich
  8. 2009 ... (sometimes better maintained here or here)
  9. 2010 (better maintained here)
  10. 2011 (better maintained here or here)
I also keep a flickr page, and much less well maintained my Nikonians Gallery, which I started March 24, 2007. There's also a few public albums on my facebook page, and not to stay behind, on picasa as well. Another recent addition is National Geographic's My Shot collection. (here?)