taking off from DCA gives you a 1:4 chance to see this, also note the geografic center of the US on the left circle.

The Potomac river, the Watergate complex and a view along Washington DC and in fact, Vera Rubin's workplace is down there someplace

Taking the train from Montreal to Kingston (free wireless today!) it should perhaps not be a surprise to see somebody read about viewing angles of oblate galaxies, straight from Sparke & Gallagher. But two people?

The maze of rooms at Leggett Hall, our homes for the week

Quaint Buildings on this campus. This is Kingston Hall, according to my map.

This might be part of Grant Hall, somehow reminds me of an Italian city

Artsy Rocks. In front of the ... Art Centre!

Vera and Judy enjoying the first evening banquet

is that free wine Stephane?

ok, this is a trick photo, but it needs some more work. Well, Paul needs work. Neta and Paul in an animated discussion

hmmm, that camera again

Yummie! Except nobody could finish it.


Evening stroll: since my last visit, not even 7 moons ago, nearly 100 wind turbines were placed on that island


cute houses

cute places

and things that need to go

my favorite coffee place, The Sleepless Goat, is still here

Day 1: the skies did not look too promising initially

Vera was early, clearly at ease

Lecture hall starting to fill up

Piet and Neta

Old friends

Vera Unveiling the workshop

the “Gentler Way” of Dark Matter, by Sandy Faber

What's on Roelof's mind?


Jerry had a bone to pick

View from above

Simon whizzing by

Lecture Hall

Gary unveiling

After session chit chat

more old friends

Chernoff Hall, our lecture hall

Poster room

Mac and Brent in the poster room

Roelof pulling the masses

ok one more comment please

Walking over to the boat tour this campus offers some interesting houses

Kingston Beach!

Contraptions to keep the Americans out

We were wondering if that was going to be our boat?

or how about this boat?

surely not this one

right below that arch, there's our boat visible!

yup, that's her

dinner boat it's called. the Island Star.

oh, there's that other boat we would rather be on? and there's our $7 Heineken, which includes a Boat Tax


Cheers to a good trip

suddenly all these cameras came out of the woodwork

The almost operational wind turbines

Fort McHenry

Roelof pondering about his upcoming big trans atlantic trip

Ft McHenry

Vera and Sandro

Judy and Vera

Old Stories?

we're in Canada!

they really seemed to talk shop!

Thousand Islands they call this. Some islands contain nothing more than a house


Jerry and Stacy

Claude and Julie

Simon and Brent

student table

Ueber table

Sunset approaching

Reflecting sunset light on the deck of the boat

watching sunset


approaching Kingston again

Interference patterns

Day 2: setting up for the first talk

a moment of quiet before

Michele's pretty pictures

Poster Room

rushing back from coffee break

cusp or core? Mond or Newton?

Auditorium again

Melting cookies during lunch

lunch courtyard

Lnnch outside. Maybe the last chance we get?

Uber boss, Eric and Patricia

Tai Chi and lunch at the lake shore

Lunch walk at the lake shore

Talking shop no doubt

We had a few “former student chairing the session for their former advisor” talks today


tea break

tea break

My poster!

Chris and Ortwin


Raja, the next speaker, asking a question to the previous speaker. Kristine not amused?!

no, he's not!

Vera introducing Sandy at the public talk

Room with a View, was also the title of Sandy's talk

Day 3: Stirling Hall, the physics dept, where the coffee breaks and posters are, is next door to the lecture hall

Where's Carlos?

Q&A. Vera seemed to like sitting in many places


M31 and M33

Floating Foucault?





Can I have some more lights please

Paul explaining something very difficult, and ok, the photo needs some work

it's 0.6 dex

getting ready for the real photographer

we used the stairs with the auditorium on the background

another attempt at a birds eye view

front row, squinting the eyes

Last minute instructions before we can open our eyes. Photographer/Sniper on roof. Sorry about the angle Stephane

the quiet stairs. lake in the background.

Towerhouse accross from Leggett Hall, in disrepair

Leggett Hall, very nicely maintained

Inside Leggett Hall

Where there is now a park, there once was.... but I couldn't find them stones

Cute hat somewhere in City Park, on the walk between Leggett and downtown

View of the sky-lake

Murney Tower - to be continued...

Another Room with a View

Raja and Anatoly at lunch

Day 4: testing a new lens


Simon in a characteric question pose


Vera making a skyp-e connection with ....

... Francesco Bertola

and voila, not only did somebody steal my laptop, they also stole the camera. In the end of course both made it back. no hard feelings, i enjoyed it

working lunch

Gronings onderonsje

Sandra and David

't was a rainy day

Paul Schechter's chinese scribblings

After session details comings up


Our “green” coffee mug

Bruce at the banquet

Christine with the new baby

Banquet in the RMC Officer's Mess, time to switch glass

some of my table partners

't was still a drizzly day though at RMC

my table

ready for us... but we never used it

float cuisine

Don't they look like twins?

tension mounts as the speaker podium is being made ready

Vera starting off

Sandra ceremonying

Neta telling stories and showing stunning pictures

Vera realizing she was wearing the same suit back in that famous 1993 picture

Judy remeniscing

AAS friends

And finally, the cake!

Jeff watching it all from a fancy officer's chair

Day 5: getting ready for the first talk

Captive audience

Roelof wondering about the colors

Martin never got his turn


can you rrepeat that question?

Just waiting for the right moment...


panel preps

good dog nice dog

Stephane and Mattias

Last Minute Science

Final slides


the final panel


wow, hershel first light


The Mismeasure of Mass

Stephane showing the birthday cake picture

I tell you, NGC 891 and NGC 7814 have the same rotation curve, but very different light

my own autographed poster!

Vera and our chairmen

Vera approves of this picture!

ok, one more time then

final one

conference dog, in the background Simon's ammendment to Paul's chinese characters

Claudia and Laura


Jeff and Brent

Some motorbike happening on the town square that evening

a double portion mussels dinner at Le Chien Noir, you can guess who that is dining with me

that arch thing again, and probably Kingston town hall behind it

and again, now trying to make it nicely symmetric

a weeks worth of late night drinks in my room

a brilliant way to get that poster home safely. Thank you Stephane and the whole team for a big brain stimulus!

A minor delay in Kingston Saturday morning when we tried boarding the train to Montreal. Yes, that is the train platform!

Unfortunately we landed in Washington from the 'wrong' direction, so just a view of the newly constructed Wilson Bridge with it's new bike path on the west (right) side of the bridge