ADASS 2003 
on the way to Strasbourg, the view backwards... 

oct 8 was the first week for students here, this was not a quiet evening

but the food was good. these are some kind of local pfankuchen

observatory garden, very nice peaceful place (the only?) in town

observatory garden

hard at work

still hard at work

futuristic looking trams. 

Strasbourg center is like an island, surrounded by a canal.

one of the many central squares. 

same spot, now it's clean again.

observatory. my shower is in the basement.

Rodrigo introducing the speaker

the speaker making a picture of the audience

the garden, the observatory (lecture hall is the glass wall on the right)

my office :-)

da coffee, worth every midnight walk

observatory at night

Home de Fer,

Marc and Amar making pictures already

Beginning of fall

the rescue team was practicing

some statue....

statue in more perspective

La Marseillaise?

Again, Amar and Marc were impressed, and also shooting

that mist again, now by daylist

comic books

Rue de la Victoira

station Observatoire

the observatory 

view from my own room, 

frogs are plentyful in this botanic garden

closeup of one of those huge frogs

the nightly walk 

Jeux de Boules, everywhere, any corner, any time.

The neatly maintained grassy areas for the trams

night view

night view

night view

tram line at night

anothter attempt to the tramline at night

Marc pics up one of those observatory frogs

a better view of the observatory frog

Colby, with new digital camera!

Colby and Dave 

Amar and Steve

Bill and Mark

viewpoint from my table, camera resting on laptop for the exposure time

lunch is provided at the conference center

coffee leftovers

coffee leftovers

Jan and Neil

CDS crowd

just some wine

ADASS participants you meet even in the smallest places

the statue by night now

moving tram, notice the not quite full moon

yet another statue... at night

conference photograph

session preparation

coffee break

Irish pub

Irish pub

the VO is everywhere.....

end of the conference

right outside the congress centre

the cute tram lines

the same cute tram line

tram and bike path

target practicing for the cars?

view towards downtown

just some street scene near the hotel

this may seem like a lot of wine

hmmmm,is this really how i look.....

Alex was very tired....

Neil checking his hotmail account

full motion video


cable management in the back of the room

Doug's summary

strasbourg trainstation departure for paris

another viewport to the past

L'eau de Vie

This is as close as i got to Versailles

Paris street view (near observatory)



this is where they measured the speed of light for the first time....

view from Francois' office

Francois (the other one) cooking

The food is ready

View from (other) Francois' bedroom