nice view of Princeton while approaching to land in Newark on the way to Spain

coffee plaza and magnolia trees



3d sculpture

street scene

another immaculate courtyard

nice place, but expensive


plaza by night

castle by night


little street next to playground

the prison, i mean, our hotel and conference center

entrance to that thing we're in

walking (for all but 3:-) 700m to the soccer field for the eclipse viewing



wacko viewing viewing


more viewing

this takes a very steady hand (and a good filter)

this is what you get after a coffee


carlos being interviewed

now that's an idea

self-portrait.. but notice the shadows of the eclipse already!

almost there

yes! it's annular?


yes, indeed, nice an annular

not a steady hand anymore

very nice annular, exactly on time too!

watch those weird shade

no more steady hands

ok, we're realizing it's all over now

tree leaves make for great shadows

tree leaves

contraptions for (digital) cameras... we probably made about 10,000 pictures!

castle again

Francoise and Ana

Carlos making fun of the photographers handicap

carlos jazzing without bob

carlos getting in the mood

even indoor it's like a prison

Familiar Country... but i've never heard of this german sea..... all in italian!

coffee break

yet another view of the castle

the bus station has a surprisingly good coffee place with pastries

IVOA meeting

working on a theoretical space-time continuum?

private property nearby

coffee break

ESAC telescopes

castle view

the bus shuttled us between Escorial and Villafranca (ESAC)

lunch break

lunch break

nice view of the Monestary and El Escorial..

Dave De Young 

The Monastery

The Monastery
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