making backups the complicated way before leaving, with a nice smooth beer

Pamela, miss J21, earning her apple pie and her friend

need some help?

Even Apeldoorn Bellen (at Gerard's job in their parking garage)

top line coffee at the office

Gerards office

a job one doesn't see much in the US. 

almost at the dept. in amsterdam

view from the lousy (bad wireless) on day 1

Dam in amsterdam

Miriam, Ivar en Gerard

father and son


got milk?

it's actually buttermilk

he he

to the daycare center

day care center

in the day care

Simon and Alessia and her penguin

Parellzing kira lecture

That's a real old Cray at SARA

A more modern (but also outdated) SGI cluster


funny boat


Bridge again

tram on bridge


station Haarlem in the early (8am) morning

Pannekoek kamer (teacher room)

Linux Lab room, at NIKHEF

Ernie loves working on Bill's mac fixing starlab

we've got some tabletennis in our laptop room

Simon's office

waiting for the bus

walking downtown

fish for dinner

Gerard's house


Nice for the birds

picking up the car at the beach in Bloemendaal

big waves today, it was very winduy

at the beach

Looking towards IJmuiden

Relaxing at the beach

Relaxing at the beach


Peter needs a hair cut or a better hair do

Going for a walk?



Back at the house

Miriam's cara

stages of Ivar


Station Clock in the kitchen

Ivar and Miriam

at Miriam's parents place, picking up Ivar

Heading for Drachten... the bridge (one of two!!!) was open at the afsluitdijk

the boat is coming

there is the boat

people going for a smoke (this is holland after all)

boat passing if you watch closely


bridge turning back to road



Lots of windmills on holland now


Ha ha

Finally, arrived in Drachten

Jos en Garard


hmmm, good coffee again

Pauline sure knows how to climb the door opening

and how to drop herself from the top properly

Old family pictures from JOsella
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