Adrian starting out with a whole new computer program

Eric with 2 computers

bye Eric

wow, they are growing so fast

draws on the wall

what lays ahead

prize winning games

late evening entertainment in the hotel

too tired to go to a restaurant, so it came to us

Winnie admiring the General

in the morning, watching the DCOpen slide show

no chaos at the desk

a big poster appeared

overnight the wall draws had expanded



more movies


first prize!

mixed doubles first prize

first prize?

runners up

where is that button

how do you turn this on?

still 2 computers

warming up


mixed cons finals

mixed cons finals

mixed finals

who needs eric?


as the day progressed more and more gathered around the movies

finally, we can take the tape off again and play hackysack

men double winners

looking forward to the next tournament already

a lot of t-shirts left
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