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Various Links Peter Teuben
UMCP Astronomy Department
BIMA Home Page
NEMO Home Page
NEMO Access Log



Linux Documentation Project
The Linux HOWTO Index: HOWTO Index
New files on sunsite as of ...
Linux Users Directory Services.
The Linux Laptop Home Page
The Web Wanderer's List of Linux Applications
LSM: Linux Software Map
Query Interface to the Linux Software Map Harvest Broker
The Wizard's LinuX Page
Sniffit Page
Linux & ELF
Caldera Inc.
Slackware SimpleFixes Home Page (BAD?)
Welcome to the Linux Home Page
Washington area Linux User Group meetings
Linux Benchmarks
Linux Kernel Configuration Help Texts
The Linux Game Tome
Linux HomeBoy WebPage (linx newsletter)
Linux Info (T D Gilman)
Linux Mobile-IP Home Page
Woven Goods for LINUX (+search)
Scientific Software for Linux
Linux VFAT Filesystem
Alpha Project
Linux for Power Macintosh
The comp.os.linux.announce home page
Linux Gazette Front Page
Slackware SimpleFixes Home Page
Dynamically Loaded C++/ELF Plugins for LINUX
Real-Time Linux


Linux SMP
Linux Threads Home Page
Linux in High-Performance Computing
An Introduction to Parallel Computing Using LINUX
Parallel Processing using Linux
Linux SMP


IRAF Support Services
Internet Science Journal
ISJ - Astronomy
Molecular Spectroscopy Home Page
Atomic & Molecular Database for Astronomy
CFD Resources Online
Xephem: An Interactive Ephemeris for X Windows/Motif
SAOimage Image Display Utility
FITS archive at NRAO
OGIP FITS Working Group
Netlib Repository at UTK/ORNL
NED: The NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database


Brian Glendenning's Home Page

NOC: Network Operations Center
NOC: Dialup/IP-Lite Usage Lookup


S. Teuben-Rowe Home Page
Yahoo Search
Zarf's List of Interactive Games on the Web

Second Language Links

English to Speakers of Other Languages
Current Issues in Language and Society
LINGUIST: 6.1003
EFL Links for Researchers
Links for Autonomous FL Learning
OU CALL...World Education
Foreign Language Study Abroad for Teachers
Foreign Language Education
ESOL International
Linguistic Funland TESL Page

Index of Minority Scholarships and Fellowships
revised HTML documentation

Graphics Stuff

Vis5D Home Page
Graphics and analysis software
An SGI Meta-Page
The XAnim Home Page
Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer
GRASS Information
Obtaining Aladdin Ghostscript
SciPlot Widget Web Page
Hypertext Webster Interface
GeoTIFF Web Page
Cartography Resources on the Web
Starting Point (Add to your Hotlist!)
Operation DeciBel
Serving and Viewing Vis5D Files Via the Web
Medical Image Volume Visualization Software FAQ
3D Graphic Engines
Geomview Overview
OpenGL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [2/3] - Q12: What is Mesa 3D and where can I get it?
Tgif WWW Hyper-Text Home Page
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Computer Graphics and Visualization
CRS4 Scientific Visualization and Digital Media (SciViz) Group


The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
W3C httpd Documentation
The NCSA HTTPd Home Page
NCSA Mosaic Common Client Interface (CCI 1.1)
Apache HTTP Server Project
Tools for the net
revised HTML documentation
cgic: an ANSI C library for CGI Programming
WWW Viewer Test Page
Setting up local TCP/IP Networks for HTTP
The VRweb Technical Home Page
World Wide Web FAQ
GeoWeb Java Corner (+linux)

Computer Languages

Python Language Home Page
KHOROS: Khoral Research Home Page
C++ Annotations
Errata: The C Programming Language, 2nd Edition
Inter-Language Unification -- ILU
Programming in C


(La)TeX navigator
TeX and LaTeX Macros
NTeX - A TeX Distribution For Linux


FreeBSD Inc.


Solaris 2 FAQ
Solaris: FAQ
SunWorld Online


SGI: Technical Publications Library
All about the SGI FAQs
Index for SGI related information
IPS: SGI Software
SGI software repository
Hollywood: FTP

VA Research Home Page
InteliSys World Wide Web Server
Intel Secrets
Western Digital Corporation
Tom's Hardware Guide
Memory Savers
PC-Help Online

Astronomy on WWW

Kids Web - Astronomy and Space
SEDS Internet Space Warehouse
Woodlands Observatory Home Page
Views Of The Solar System
WebStars: Astrophysics in Cyberspace
ASP List of Planetariums
Loch Ness Productions
Mount Wilson Observatory
Mark's list of Internet Interactivity: Remote Control
Remote and Robotic Telescopes
Bradford Robotic Telescope
The Amateur Sky Survey
The Astronomer Magazine
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Astronomical Data Archive
NSSDC Photo Gallery
Astronomy page (IT)
IAU: Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
AstroWeb: Astronomy/Astrophysics on the Internet
Space Telescope Electronic Information Service
Stellar Evolution Database


Britannica Online
Introduction to Computers in Physics
LAN Times / Open Computing / UnixWorld Online Home Page
Dr. Dobb's Journal
nos-TT 100 - NOS Teletekst
SunWorld Online
Iris On-Line What's New
Introduction to Computers in Physics
Voorpagina NRC Webpagina's


A-5: Discovery Channel
A-28: Arts & Entertainment
B-4: NBC 4, Washington, DC
B-7: ABC Home Page
B-9: CBS Home Page
B-22: Maryland Public Television
NPR Online
Member Stations -- Maryland, District of Columbia, and Delaware
Welcome to the BBC
c|net online contents
EXN: Exploration Network - SiteMap
EXN!Science News.Week In Review

IRS and taxes

The Department of the Treasury: IRS--Tax Forms and Instructions
YPN: NetTaxes

Online Shopping

Welcome to ISN
The Internet Mall home page
Welcome to CompUSA Online!
Egghead All You Need To Know

Misc Old Stuff

Tracking the "Crusader Spammer".
New Year's Time Zones Around The World
Index of /speakfree/
DigiCash ecash - ecash home page
PEST Summary - Parameter Estimation for any Model


Deja News - The Source for Internet Newsgroups!
Washington University Data Archive
resources - info source - Internet resource - search center - searches of the week
Yahoo Search


ILSE, De Internet index van Nederland
Home of The Netherlands
Welkom bij PTT Telecom
de Internet Gids
Clickable map of Groningen


Linux on the Samsung SENS 810
Linux on the Compaq Armada 4120


ATI spec's
Notes for Mach64 X Server
Alta Vista: Simple Query mach64

X windows

X. End of story.
The Linux Configuration Page
Window Managers for X (Chapman)
Eric Kahler's FVWM Web Page
Fvwm Configuration Options
The FVWM HomePage
X Inside Inc:
Kenton Lee: On-Line X Window System and OSF/Motif Publications
The X Advisor Home Page
The Motif Zone


Installing The Tcl Plugin on UNIX
Andreas Kupries, welcome to comp.lang.tcl

Audio: RealAudio/MpegAudio

Linux MIDI & Sound Applications
Christian Science Monitor Radio
MPEG Audio Zone - The Music Shoppe
Online NewsHour
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Internet:Real-Time Broadcasting:Shows
Radio Netherlands
Audio Index


United Airlines: Flight Status

weather 5-day for Washington DC
Physics Servers
fsp-faq part1
Welcome to ISO Online
American National Standards Institute
District Area Dining Directory
Object Access
Index of /~mick/html/
FITS Data Browser Page
System Optimization
Database Management and Information Systems
DDD - The Data Display Debugger
BIOSCI/bionet Electronic Newsgroup Network for Biology
Welcome to SkyLinks
Lasermoon Ltd, The Unix Freeware Specialists
Global Computing, Inc. - Computer Industry Manufacturers' Home Pages
NetBots Documentation
GroupKit Home Page
Inter-Language Unification -- ILU
Monitor Gamma
Numerical methods
NCSA Java-based HDF Browser
Table Editor And Planner, Or: Teapot!
Voyager CDLink: Listening Room
Case Files
Red Hat Software
Interval Computations
Postgres95 Home Page
Washington University FTP Archive
RealAudio for Linux: Overview
Slackware SimpleFixes Home Page
TIPTOP: Welcome Page
Documentation Page (NFS)
The CH Language Environment
The Electric Postcard
Software Victims of the 1.3 Kernel Development
The Computer Hardware Performance Page
Home Page
wxWindows Information
V - A Freeware Portable C++ GUI Framework for Windows and X
Michael J. Hammel's Linux Graphics Mini-HowTo
slackware newbie
The Amazing Home of Brandon Van Every
Troll Tech AS
A Thousand Points of Sites
Confman Distribution ( 2-May-1996)
XFree86(TM): Home Page
c|net features - how to - Netscape tips
Linux on the OSF MK
World Birthday Web (WBW)
Michael's Give Aways
SGML Informatie
MCI Online Tools & Customer Service
Steve Kinzler - Home Directory
Welcome to DDS Technology
Usenet Binaries Archive on CD-ROM
Mikes's WeB SiTE
The XBanner Page
Generic NQS Web Site
Qt NetHack
Amulet Project Home Page
DOME: Object-Oriented Technologies Ltd
Public Access News Servers on the Net
The Grid Signal Processing System
Graphics and analysis software
The Linux Fortran Information Page
The JAZZ midi sequencer
eyes/contact lenses
Directory of /pub/freeware/linux/update.linux
ELF: From The Programmer's Perspective
Red Hat Desktop Contest Winners
Don Knuth's Home Page
InterNIC Whois Service
1993 VLBA Summer School Proceedings
Linux, X.25, Frame Relay and Related Info
Frequently asked questions about the GNU C++ compiler - Table of Contents
Astronomy Information Systems an inVision systems inc. network Web Site
Troll Tech
Tech Library
A First Look at C++ Program Analyzers
IICM's Public Services (VRML)
Vosaic Corp. Home Page
Computing Dictionary
Unix Socket Programming
dxpc - The Differential X Protocol Compressor
CPU Info Center
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Perl Tutorial
ADDIS.Net Internet Services
The Downbeat Cafe Jazz and Midi
PC-Clone UNIX Hardware Buyer's Guide
The WoolleySoft home page
Mumit's STL Newbie guide
Map Projection Home Page
Welcome to ESRI!
RS/GIS Publications Online
GLUT 3.3 now available!
Internet Service Providers in the D.C. Metro Area
The Linux Fortran Information Page
The SIG11 problem
Linux LAN Information
Forms And Publications - IRS
The Linux Security Home Page.
Inter-Language Unification -- ILU
THE Semiconductor Resource Page
AAA - Willy Schuyesmans - Children's books
Seagate Technology Home Page
Astronomical Data Center home page
SAL -- Scientific Applications on Linux
Procmail Spam Filter: "The Spam Bouncer"
procmail workshop 5/16/95
The Visualization Toolkit (vtk) Home Page
Sven's Collection of Netscape-plugins for LINUX
Reinhold's Linux Stuff
Linux v2 Information HQ
Antispam Web Page
FFTW Home Page
The LinuxThreads library
Knowledge Software Ltd Home Page
Also has various STANDARDS links
(posix, XPG/4, ISO)
Yoda grammar [rec.humor.funny]
UCB/LBNL Video Conferencing Tool (vic)
LBNL Audio Conferencing Tool (vat)
Mars Pathfinder - Welcome to Mars!
CDDB Server Home Page
Linux and the ZIP Drive
IRQTUNE -- A Linux x86 IRQ Priority Optimizer
Memory Upgrades: The Relationship Between Cache and Main Memory
Technical Support for Exabyte EXB-8200, EXB-8200SX, EXB-8500, and EXB-8500c 8mm Tape Drives


Northwest Airlines Flight Status
Northwest Airlines Flight Status; Results


Bob Cerelli's Windows95 Page
SAMBA Web Pages
Windows95 Annoyances

Year 2000
Linux-GGI Project Homepage
N-body Simulation Images and Animations
VDX - Home Page
ZOO's Mail Order Survey....time to fight back!!!!
PEBES Home Page
Welcome to the Center
Information about DC area health plans
Linux At Fermilab
XFCE Help System - XFCE !
Processor performance flaw
Best Viewed With Any Browser
The Linux Gateway
Welcome to the RPM repository on
Masq Apps
HwB: WWW Links
ClarkNet network status
The CD building project for UNIX
Price/Performance Charts
Browsing Astronomical Images on the Web
Smart UPS Tools
System Optimization PC Hardware and Performance Guide!
Re: Packet lossage with VJ header compression & IP options
ClarkNet Linux FAQ
Logitech Customer Support
AltaVista: Translations
Bell Atlantic - Infospeed DSL
SECU - SECU-Online
The Computer Journal Home Page
Mayura Draw
XFree86 3D Status Report
The Mesa Voodoo driver home page
Linux 3D
Game Tome News
PoPToP - The PPTP Server for Linux
Brent Priddy's Homepage : )
Translucent Design Case
Linux Firewall and Security Site
State Farm Insurance -- Dangerous Intersections

Bulldozer: WYSIWYG HTML Editing
Sparc-Linux Info
Vista Home Page
XMCD Home Page
What is PPP?
MapQuest! Interactive Atlas Welcome!
CISD - Projects - TclTk Cookbook


Gregoire Dubois's Homepage
GRASS info

Personal Toolbar Folder



Yellow Pages


What's New
What's Cool