Automated SSH authentication

The example shows how on machine A you will be able to automate
your authentications to as user (s-umd in this case) on machine B
( in this example). The manual pages for
ssh and ssh-keygen may also be useful.

  A% ssh-keygen -t rsa

	this will create a file ~/.ssh/ (amongst) that 
	you need to copy to the remote machine:

  A% scp ~/.ssh/
	you'll need to enter the password here
  A% ssh
	you'll again need to enter the password here
	make sure you have a .ssh directory on B, and perhaps
	also the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. Then 

  B% cat /tmp/ >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
  B% exit

  A% ssh

	this should now logon without the need to enter a password

  B% exit

	and done we are