I am a 6th year astronomy Ph.D candidate at the University of Maryland, College Park working with Sylvain Veilleux, Alexander Kutyrev, and Brad Cenko. My research is on astronomical instrumentation and gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). I work with a small instrument team at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) to build a near-infrared imager and spectrometer (Rapid near-infrared IMAger and Spectrometer; RIMAS) for ground-based GRB afterglow follow-up. I am chiefly responsible for the detector sub-system and have created a generalized photometry data pipeline.

I also study GRB afterglows in order to probe the early universe. In particular, I am interested in using GRBs afterglows to study the progenitors of GRBs as well as the environments that GRBs are embedded in.

My thesis work combines these two fields with the end goal of using the instrument I helped build to answer questions about the environments of gamma-ray bursts, particularly at early times. I think it is important to build cutting edge instruments to study important problems in astronomy.

My expected graduation date is in January 2017. Take a look around my website to find out more about me and feel free to contact me.