About Me

I am originally from a suburb near Seattle and grew up loving the rain. I went to the University of California, Berkeley where I received my Bachelors of Arts in Physics in 2009. After college I spent some time to explore different research topics. I interned at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, worked as a telescope operator on Mount Wilson with the Infrared Spatial Interferometer, and interned at Space Telescope Science Institute.

After working on many different research projects and internships I decided that astronomical instrumentation was a great fit for me. It combines my love of space with my skills in the lab. I find the work both useful and engaging (and it's always great to be able to show people your instrument!). I started my PhD at the University of Maryland, College Park in 2011 and expect to graduate in January 2017.

Outside of research I am an avid NBA fan. I grew up watching the Seattle SuperSonics but am a huge San Antonio Spurs fan. I enjoy strategy board games, in particular I like cooperative games (ex. Pandemic). I also enjoy reading science fiction/fantasy books, hiking, cooking, and traveling.