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2006A&A...456..713L             1.000     09/2006    A   E F   L             R C           U   
Loukitcheva, M.;                The dynamics of the solar chromosphere:
Solanki, S. K.; White, S.       comparison of model predictions with
                                millimeter-interferometer observations

2006SPD....37.0125B             1.000     06/2006    A                                     U   
Brosius, J. W.; White, S.       Radio Measurements of the Height of Strong
                                Coronal Magnetic FieldsAbove Sunspots at the
                                Solar Limb

2005AGUSMSH43A..16B             1.000     05/2005    A                                     U   
Bastian, T. S.; Bradley, R.;    The Green Bank Solar Radio Burst Spectrometer
White, S.; Mastrantonio, E.

2004ApJ...613..381C             1.000     09/2004    A   E F   L X     D     R C   S       U H 
Corcoran, M. F.; Hamaguchi, K.; Waiting in the Wings: Reflected X-Ray
Gull, T.; Davidson, K.;         Emission from the Homunculus Nebula
Petre, R.; Hillier, D. J.; 
Smith, N.; Damineli, A.; 
Morse, J. A.; Walborn, N. R.; 
and 6 coauthors

2004IAUS..223..643L             1.000     00/2004    A   E               T     C           U   
Loukitcheva, M. A.;             The solar chromosphere as seen in
Solanki, S. K.; White, S.       high-resolution millimeter observations

2003ApJ...595L..33S             1.000     09/2003    A   E F   L X           R C   S N     U H 
Sheth, K.; Frail, D. A.;        Millimeter Observations of GRB 030329:
White, S.; Das, M.;             Continued Evidence for a Two-Component Jet
Bertoldi, F.; Walter, F.; 
Kulkarni, S. R.; Berger, E.

2003SPIE.4853..531W             1.000     02/2003    A         L         T     C           U   
White, S.; Lee, J.;             Imaging capabilities of the Frequency Agile
Aschwanden, M. A.;              Solar Radiotelescope (FASR)
Bastian, T. S.

2003SPIE.4853..111W             1.000     02/2003    A         L         T     C           U   
White, S.; Kassim, N. E.;       Solar radioastronomy with the LOFAR (low
Erickson, W. C.                 frequency array) radio telescope

2002AGUFMSH52A0450B             1.000     12/2002    A                                     U   
Biesecker, D. A.;               Two wave morphologies in SOHO/EIT - EIT waves
Thompson, B. J.; Hudson, H. S.; and Moreton waves
Warmuth, A.; White, S.

2002cosp.meetE1870B             1.000     00/2002    A                                         
Bastian, T.; Gary, D.;          The frequency agile solar telescope (FASR)
White, S.; Hurford, G.

2002cosp.meetE1039W             1.000     00/2002    A                                         
White, S.                       Understanding solar flares from radio

2001ApJ...562.1031C             1.000     12/2001    A   E F   L X     D     R C   S       U   
Corcoran, M. F.; Swank, J. H.;  The Chandra HETGS X-Ray Grating Spectrum of η
Petre, R.; Ishibashi, K.;       Carinae
Davidson, K.; Townsley, L.; 
Smith, R.; White, S.; 
Viotti, R.; Damineli, A.

2001AGUSM..SH31D03L             1.000     05/2001    A                                     U   
Leka, K. D.; White, S.;         Coronal Sunspot Magnetic Fields:
Mikic, Z.; Lee, J.              Extrapolation vs. Direct Observation

2000eaa..bookE2598W             1.000     11/2000    A   E     L             R             U   
White, S.                       Solar Spectroscopy: Continuum Radio Emission
                                and Diagnostics

2000arxt.confE..93I             1.000     00/2000    A                   T                 U   
Ishibashi, K.; Corcoran, M. F.; Recurrent X-ray Emission Variation of Eta
Swank, J. H.; Davidson, K.;     Carinae and the Binary Hypothesis
Drake, S. A.; Petre, R.; 
Damineli, A.; White, S.

2000AIPC..522..431C             1.000     00/2000              L         T                     
Corcoran, M. F.;                RXTE X-ray monitoring of the supermassive
Fredericks, A. C.; Petre, R.;   star eta carinae: Colliding wind emission in
Swank, J. H.; Drake, S. A.;     a pre-hypernova candidate binary?
Davidson, K.; Ishibashi, K.; 
White, S.; Damineli, A.

1999ApJ...524..983I             1.000     10/1999    A   E F   L             R C   S       U   
Ishibashi, K.; Corcoran, M. F.; Recurrent X-Ray Emission Variations of η
Davidson, K.; Swank, J. H.;     Carinae and the Binary Hypothesis
Petre, R.; Drake, S. A.; 
Damineli, A.; White, S.

1999LNP...523...80W             1.000     00/1999              L         T   R C               
White, S.                       Radio Evidence for Non-isotropic Outflows
                                from Hot Stars

1998ApJ...494..381C             1.000     02/1998    A   E F   L       D     R C   S       U   
Corcoran, M. F.; Petre, R.;     The ASCA X-Ray Spectrum of eta Carinae
Swank, J. H.; Drake, S. A.; 
Koyama, K.; Tsuboi, Y.; 
Viotti, R.; Damineli, A.; 
Davidson, K.; Ishibashi, K.; 
and 1 coauthor

1996AAS...188.3603L             1.000     05/1996    A     F G                             U   
Lee, J.; White, S.;             Polarization of Microwaves Emitted From A
Gopalswamy, N.; Kundu, M. R.    Bipolar Active Region

1995AAS...187.8106L             1.000     12/1995    A                         C   S       U   
Lame, N. J.; Harrington, P.;    High Resolution Imagery of BD+30°3639 and Its
Borkowski, K.; White, S.        Dusty Halo

1994IAUC.5932....2W             1.000     02/1994    A   E                     C   S       U   
White, S.; Duncan, R.;          Eta Carinae
Drake, S.; Lim, J.; Kundu, M.

1994ApJ...421..800M             1.000     02/1994    A     F G       D     R C   S     O U   
Maran, S. P.; Robinson, R. D.;  Observing stellar coronae with the Goddard
Shore, S. N.; Brosius, J. W.;   High Resolution Spectrograph. 1: The dMe star
Carpenter, K. G.;               AU microscopoii
Woodgate, B. E.; Linsky, J. L.; 
Brown, A.; Byrne, P. B.; 
Kundu, M. R.; and 4 coauthors

1991BAAS...23.1382M             1.000     09/1991          F G                 C   S       U   
Maran, S. P.; Woodgate, B. E.;  An Investigation of the Flare Star AU Mic
Carpenter, K. G.;               with the Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph
Robinson, R. D.; Shore, S. N.;  on the Hubble Space Telescope
Linsky, J. L.; Brown, A.; 
Byrne, P. B.; Kundu, M. R.; 
White, S.; and 3 coauthors

1989ApJ...347..505K             1.000     12/1989    A     F G             R C           U   
Kundu, M.; Gopalswamy, N.;      The radio signatures of a slow coronal mass
White, S.; Cargill, P.;         ejection - Electron acceleration at slow-mode
Schmahl, E. J.; Hildner, E.     shocks?

1989BAAS...21..828N             1.000     03/1989          F G                                 
Nitta, N.; White, S.;           Simultaneous Microwave and Soft X-ray
Kundu, M.; Gopalswamy, N.;      Observations of Active Regions at the Solar
Holman, G.; Brosius, J.;        Limb
Schmelz, J.; Saba, J.; 
Strong, K.

1981PASAu...4..235W             1.000     00/1981    A     F G                           U   
White, S.                       Cook's model and linewidths of OH masers

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