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Krista Smith Name: Krista Smith
Title: Graduate Student
Room: ATL 1229
E-mail: klsmith
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Krista Lynne Smith is a graduate student in her final year working with Dr. Richard Mushotzky and Dr. Stuart Vogel here at UMD, and Dr. Padi Boyd at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Her past research was with Dr. Gregory Shields at the University of Texas at Austin. Krista's primary research focus is on quasars and active galaxies in wavebands from the radio to the X-ray. Current projects include conducting an X-ray survey of the Kepler FOV with the Swift satellite, Kepler light curves of AGN to study variability of accretion disks, and high-resolution radio mapping of X-ray selected AGN to study star formation and feedback in AGN centers. Past work includes infrared spectrsocopy of X-ray Bright Optically Normal Galaxies (XBONGs), searching for binary AGN in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, planetary dynamics of the Upsilon Andromedae exoplanet system, and educational research of 3D methods to teach lunar phases.

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