Software you can download (and probably have to compile):

  • AIPS++, Astronomical Information Processing System (1992-2003)
  • Athena, astrophysical gas dynamics code. (2002-)
  • ATM, Atmospheric Modeling (2000-)
  • cmhog PPM code (1995-)
  • COMB, single-dish radio astronomy spectral line data reduction (1986-)
  • HNBody, Symplectic Integration Package (1999-)
  • MIRIAD (1987-) [also: WIP, rad, Xcorf, checker]
  • NEMO, stellar dynamics toolbox with N-body/Image/Table/Orbits (1986-)
  • partiview (N-body visualization)
  • RPLsh, arbitrary precision Reverse Polish calculator shell
  • WASP, Wideband Analog Spectrometer software (1999-)
  • WIP, PGPLOT based interactive Graphics Software Package
  • ZEUS-MP, Parallel version of the ZEUS HD and MHD code.

Java based on-line tools:

Other software related activities:

Not so free software

  • pkdgrav (n-body; U.W. group w/ D. Richardson)
  • RHESSI software (needs IDL 5.3+)
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