Technical Professional Staff Prize for Excellence

The Technical Professional Staff Prize for Excellence was established by the Department of Astronomy to honor outstanding technical staff. IT staff, observatory staff (e.g. CARMA, Metzerott, etc), and NASA mission support/engineering staff are eligible; candidates must have worked in the department for two or more years. (Winners are not eligible again for consideration until six years have passed.) Selection is made in May by a committee drawn from the department's diverse membership, and the winner is announced at the department's End of the Year Celebration in June. The selected candidate receives a $500 award.

Nominations for awards can be submitted at any time of the year!

Prize Winners

  • 2021/22: Adeline Gicquel-Brodtke
  • 2020/21: Mark Wolfire
  • 2019/20: Kevin Rauch
  • 2018/19: Alyssa Pagan
  • 2017/18: Tilden Barnes
  • 2016/17: Peter Teuben
  • 2015/16: Mark Wolfire
  • 2013/14: William Sebok
  • 2012/13: Anne Raugh
  • 2012/13: Elizabeth Warner ("Research Associate and Faculty Research Assistant Prize")