Introductory Astronomy

Kristen and Scott Miller
former Intro Astronomy TAs at U. Maryland

The following is a list of web sites which contain information designed to supplement the concepts taught in introductory astronomy classes at the University of Maryland. The material presented here is not meant as a replacement, but as a reinforcement of material presented in the lectures and discussion sections of the introductory astronomy classes. Each page contains valuable information and illustrations (including actual pictures from real telescopes) focusing on a particular topic. Sample questions relating to the topics covered are given at the end of each page. These questions are typical of those often asked in introductory astronomy classes. After you have reviewed the material for each topic, try answering the questions. You can have your answers graded by clicking on the "Grade Exam" button found at the end of the questions to see how you did. Then review the topic again to figure out the correct answers to the questions you missed. If you cannot figure out the correct answers, talk with your TA or professor; they will be happy to clarify things for you.

At the end of this page is information about how to take a practice exam on the computer. Simply mark which topics you wish to be questioned about, and click on the "Generate a Practice Exam" button. This will create a practice exam (which you can take and have graded) which covers more than one topic. All of the exams and questions found in these pages are meant only as practice. The scores you receive on them DO NOT count toward your grade in the class. Hopefully, however, by taking them you will be more prepared to do well on the exams given in class - which do count!

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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