Terrapin Astronomical Society


Welcome to the AstroTerps Code Database, the central hub of AstroTerps coding activity. See below for the unresolved tasks we have to work on, the code we have completed, and sample data to play with.



  1. Light Pollution Data Preparation
    • Some of the photos of examples of lighting on campus collected on Nov 2 and 9, 2011 are prepared in bundles and ready to be formatted. If you have some of those photos and they're not already organized or posted below, contact us!
    • Download the following packages of images, uncompress them and do the following:
      Name Size (MB) Campus
      Author 59 3 Steffi Yen 55 3 Steffi Yen 75 3 Steffi Yen 77 3 Steffi Yen 56 3 Steffi Yen 73 3 Steffi Yen 76 3 Steffi Yen
      1. Some of the photos will be bad. If you would not use them in a PowerPoint, delete them! There are enough photos that we can be critical of blurry ones.
      2. Put their names in the following format:

        "[Building Number]-[index number].jpg"

        For building numbers, refer to this database. So for your first image of CSS, name it "224-01.jpg". Always keep one padding zero on your index to make life easy on our coders.
      3. Compress the folder of renamed images to .zip format and contact us. Since they are too big to email we will probably ask you to give them to us in person.
  2. AstroTerps Website Overhaul
    • Part I: HTML Cleanup
      • The AstroTerps website has taken a bit of a beating by being passed from year to year to different people with different knowledge and style in HTML and CSS. It looks pretty good in most browsers but if you open up the source, it could use some tidying up!
      • Goal: Comb through the HTML to each page of the site and doll it up with the appropriate HTML5 structure, style, indentation, etc; make it pass validation.
      • There are some instances where style is dictated in the HTML, swap these out for CSS alternatives, so that we can do Part II!
      • If you're interested in meticulously doing ALL of the HTML cleanup on your own and claiming all the credit, send us an email and we'll replace this bullet on the website with your name. This will let the other coders know someone is working on the project, but the one we'll use is most likely the one we receive first!
    • Part II: CSS Design Contest
      • Once the website is in a solid, validated state, we can move on to experimenting with different looks.
      • You're welcome to design style sheets that change the website's look as much or as little as you want. Your only constraint is to try to limit the number of changes we will have to make to the HTML code to achieve your design.
      • Once we have a few CSS submissions, we'll post a contest in which members will vote on which design they like best. The winner gets eternal fame and glory through the publication of their design and a couple of authorship acknowledgements on the site.
    • Download the source (3.3 MB) of the website as it was on Nov 3, 2011 and start tinkering with its components. I have not included all of the data and gallery images that are present on the real website to minimize the size of the download.
  3. Design a fun RGB composite image interface

Sample Data

Date Size (MB) Objects Filters Author
Aug 10, 2011 133 M11, M31, M57 R, G, B Brett Morris,
Harley Katz
Oct 6, 2011 6.4 Jupiter Ha, OIII, R, V Brett Morris
Oct 20, 2011 16 Jupiter, M57 Ha, OIII, R, V Brett Morris
Oct 21, 2011 210 M42 Ha, OIII, SII Brett Morris
Nov 2, 2011 75 Jupiter Ha, OIII, R, G, B Brett Morris
Nov 17, 2011 113 Jupiter, M42 Ha, OIII, SII Brett Morris,
Jesse Furman

Short Descriptions

Utility Belt