Firefly Episode Reviews by Melissa N. Hayes-Gehrke

Firefly is a fun science fiction TV show that ran for one season from 2002 - 2003. The setting is a different planetary system colonized by humans, and it is the year 2517. The series focuses on the crew of Serenity, a firefly-type spaceship.

This show did a great job of creating a different future culture, with different societies, based on the "frontier" and the more developed planets. On the developed planets, society has high technology, advanced medicine, and all kinds of nifty devices. On the frontier, where planets are still being colonized, there is not nearly as much money or technology, leaving the people to defend themselves with modern-times guns. At this point in society, a civil war has recently ended, and the remaining animosity between the sides is also a factor in the series.

The highlights of the show for me are its quirky characters and snappy dialogue. The crew of Serenity are from many different places and walks of life, and don't always get along, so there is realistic friction.

I watch a lot of science fiction and fantasy. Once I watch a show, it often sticks in my mind for days, so I thought I'd write down my thoughts a little more formally as a review. Sometimes I concentrate on themes in the show, sometimes I think more about the background science, sometimes the characters - whatever strikes me. I try to make sure details like names and events are correct, but I may make an occasional error.

All of my reviews have spoilers for the episodes and are, of course, completely my own opinions. The ratings are out of 4 stars. I welcome any email with comments.


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