ASTR 100 Introduction to Astronomy

Fall 2008

You must purchase the textbook Lecture-Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy by Prather, et al., second edition. This textbook is available in the university bookstore. You must also purchase an online textbook: Discovering the Universe, by Comins and Kaufmann. It will cost approximately $75. The details of how to purchase it will be provided in the first lecture. You are required to use the online textbook, because it has been edited an annotated by me.

The class website is on the Enterprise Learning Management System that is used by the university. The URL is Once there, you will need to login with your university Directory ID and password. If you do not know your Directory ID, or you forget your password, there are instructions on the website about what to do. The syllabus and assignments will be posted there, as well as being distributed in class.

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Dr. Melissa Hayes-Gehrkemhayesgex5-5099
Mr. James Keanejkeanex5-6853
Mr. Brian Kneselbkneselx5-0363
Ms. Anjalika Kumarakumar29x5-6853
Mr. Matt Zagurskymzagurskx5-6853

The background image was taken by the Cassini spacecraft; image credit is to NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute.
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