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Here you will find links to my research, teaching, and other items of possible interest. I update these pages as often as I can, but not as often as I would like. I am solely responsible for the content, and any opinions expressed on these pages are my own.

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What's New?

  • 9/29/19: I'll be teaching a course on birdwatching in Spring 2020 (HONR268G)!
  • 4/27/19: I've updated my CV and reprints page.
  • 4/4/19: I'll be teaching ASTR415 and ASTR615 together in Fall 2019!
  • 1/5/19: I'll be teaching ASTR220 again in Spring 2019!
  • 4/18/18: I'll be teaching ASTR415 in Fall 2018!
  • 4/12/18: DART passed its Preliminary Design Review!
  • 11/6/17: I'll be teaching ASTR220 (not 320!) in Spring 2018!
  • 3/27/17: I'll be teaching ASTR615 in Fall 2017 and, tentatively, ASTR320 in Spring 2018!
  • 1/15/17: Check out the new DART web page!
  • 3/28/16: I'll be teaching the ASTR120/121 sequence AGAIN next academic year!
  • 1/29/16: Our paper on the DART spacecraft (part of the AIDA mission) is now published!
  • 7/28/15: Redesigned ASTR121 lab materials are now available for interested instructors.
  • 6/16/15: I'll be teaching the ASTR120/121 sequence again next academic year!
  • 5/29/15: I am co-chairing a working group for the AIDA space mission currently under study.
  • 8/7/14: Our five granular dynamics papers are now all published or in press!
  • 3/11/14: All web pages brought up to date, including new content in the gallery.
  • 2/11/14: I updated my CV.
  • 12/10/13: The new OSIRIS-REx website is live!
  • 8/28/13: Check out a 1-billion-data-point visualization of one of our simulations!
  • 8/19/13: I am on sabbatical from Sep 1, 2013 to Aug 31, 2014.
  • 6/13/13: A new image sequence of my named asteroid has been posted!

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