Born in Hoogezand-Sappemeer, the Netherlands, I studied experimental physics and astronomy at the University of Groningen. I got my Ph.D. after writing a dissertation on charge exchange emission from solar wind ions interacting with cometary atmospheres at the Nuclear Accelerator Institute (KVI) at the University of Groningen. Being awarded a NASA Postdoctoral Program grant I moved to Washington DC and started observing comets and asteroids with the Swift space telescope at the Goddard Space Flight Center. In 2010 I joined the Small Body Group at the University of Maryland, where I got involved in the comet fly-bys of the Deep Impact and Stardust-NEXT missions, and in the Rosetta mission that orbited comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The IAU honored me by assigning asteroid 10033 the formal name 'Bodewits' in 2017. I am one out of a dozen people who ever flew a man-powered helicopter (the University of Maryland’s Gamera II).

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Associate Research Scientist

Department of Astronomy

University of Maryland

College Park, MD 20742

Tel (301)-405-3733

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