Solar System Research

Hi First Year Students,

I'm scheduled to give a short presentation of my research to you in ASTR695. If you would like to prepare for class by doing some light background reading, take a look at my Research Homepage, where I give a short description of the types of reseach projects that I work on. I also have a list of Scientific Publications online, with reprints of all of my reseach papers; feel free to browse through any that interest you.

By the way, you should all create your own personal webpages where you write a little about yourselves. For now, put in a basic CV and a brief discussion of your research interests. Eventually, you should start a research publication list like mine; you'll fill it first with abstracts from professional talks and, ultimately, with research papers. To succeed in Astronomy, you need to let others know what your are doing and this is a small step in that direction. Here's How to create your webpage.

See you in ASTR695!
Doug Hamilton