Erin Kara
Hubble Fellow, University of Maryland

I am a Hubble and Joint Space Institute Fellow working at the University of Maryland Astronomy Department and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.  In 2015, I completed my PhD in Astronomy at the University of Cambridge.


I'm interested in the physics of how black holes grow, and how they affect their environments. Right now, I am studying the inner accretion flows near the event horizons of black holes, through X-ray spectral-timing observations of Active Galactic Nuclei and Tidal Disruption Events.


ekara (at)

Department of Astronomy
Physical Sciences Complex
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

(202) 739-1171

Selected Publications

Relativistic reverberation in the accretion flow of a tidal disruption event

Kara E., Miller J.M., Reyonlds C.S., Dai L., 2016 Nature, 535

A global look at X-ray time lags in Seyfert galaxies

Kara E., Alston W. N.; Fabian A. C.; Cackett E. M.; Uttley P.; Reynolds C. S.; Zoghbi A., 2016 MNRAS, 462

The Compton hump and variable blue wi ng in the extreme low-flux NuSTAR observations of 1H0707-495

Kara E., Fabian A.C., Lohfink A.M., Parker M.L., Walton D.J., Boggs S.E., Christensen F.E., Hailey C.J., Harrison F.A., Matt G., Reynolds C.S., Stern D., Zhang W.W., 2015 MNRAS, 449

Iron K and Compton hump reverberation in SWIFT J2127.4+5654 and NGC 1365 revealed by NuSTAR and XMM-Newton

Kara E., Zoghbi A., Marinucci A., Walton D.J., Fabian A.C., Risaliti G., Boggs S. E., Christensen F.E., Fuerst F., Hailey C.J., Harrison F.A., Matt G., Parker M.L., Reynolds C.S., Stern D., Zhang W.W., 2015 MNRAS, 446

X-ray reverberation around accreting black holes: A review

Uttley P., Cackett E.M., Fabian A.C., Kara E., Wilkins D.R., 2014 Astronomy & Astrophysics Review, 22

The changing X-ray time lag in MCG-6-30-15

Kara E., Fabian A.C., Marinucci A., Matt G., Parker M.L., Alston W., Brenneman L.W., Cackett E.M., Miniutti G., 2014 MNRAS, 445

The curious time lags of PG 1244+026: discovery of the iron K reverberation lag

Kara E., Cackett E.M., Fabian A.C., Reynolds C., Uttley P., 2014 MNRAS, 439

Discovery of high-frequency iron K lags in Ark 564 and Mrk 335

Kara E., Fabian A.C., Cackett E.M., Uttley P., Wilkins D.R., Zoghbi A., 2013 MNRAS, 434

Revealing the X-ray source in IRAS 13224-3809 through flux-dependent reverberation lags

Kara E., Fabian A.C., Cackett E.M., Miniutti G., Uttley P., 2013 MNRAS, 430

The closest look at 1H0707-495: X-ray reverberation lags with 1.3 Ms of data

Kara E., Fabian A.C., Cackett E.M., Steiner J.F., Uttley P., Wilkins D.R., Zoghbi A., 2013 MNRAS, 428

Gamma-Ray Emission from Two Blazars Behind the Galactic Plane: B2013+370 and B2023+336

Kara E., Errando M., Max-Moerbeck W., Aliu E., Böttcher M., Fortin P., Halpern J.P., Mukherjee R., Readhead A.C.S., Richards J.L., 2012 ApJ, 746