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Honey Girl listening intently

Honey Girl is a very good-natured dog, with a great personality. She is some kind of shepherd mix, though what she is mixed with is anybody's guess (we've had suggestions ranging from chihuahua to coyote, with everything in between). We got her from the Humane Society in Flagstaff, AZ when she was about 14 weeks old, so any breed is possible.

Aliases: The Girl, Girlie Girl, Brown-eyed-Girl, Twerp, Monster, Wile E., Four-Paws-to-the-Sky, Scarface, Honeycomb, Honeydew, Honey Ham, ....

These comic strips capture her personality perfectly:

Let the belly rubs begin

Bellyrub Forgiveness

And this one probably says more about me than it does about her, but she gets this same look on her face:
Balance it....

A young Honey Girl, sitting on my lap
A young Honey Girl

When she was young, she used to get very excited when I would lift her up to look over our balcony in Flagstaff
Honey Girl peeking

She also likes to play in the snow...
Honey Girl in the snow

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